Best Beginners Needlepoint Kits for the New Needlepointer

If you’re new to needlepointing, the best way to learn is with beginners needlepoint kits.

Once you start, you’ll quickly be collecting canvases and wanting to work on new needlepoint projects, but the easiest way to learn is with a kit specially designed for new needlepointers.

This post is all about where to buy beginners needlepoint kits and what you’ll need to get started.

beginners needlepoint kits and what you need to get started needlepointing

If the preppy hobby you landed on is needlepointing, then starting with needlepoint kits beginners can use is a great idea because everything you need will be included to get you started and stitching on your merry way.

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Best Beginners Needlepoint Kits: What to Look For

You’re probably wondering what do you need to start needlepoint. You’ll want to get a beginners needlepoint kit that includes at a minimum:

  • Starter Canvas (TIP: look for 13 mesh)
  • Fiber or Thread
  • Needles (TIP: get a size 20 needle for a 13 mesh)
  • Embroidery Scissors
best needlepoint kit for beginners

What to Needlepoint as a Beginner:

The best beginners needlepoint projects are usually something on the smaller side.

Once you master how to work with a canvas on a small scale, you’ll be able to tackle larger projects like needlepointing pillows, belts, and stockings.

For needlepoint beginners, it’s good to start with smaller items and canvases such as:

  • Ornaments
  • Glasses Holders
  • Door Signs
  • Key Fobs
  • Coasters
  • Pennants or Flags
needlepoint canvas

Getting Started with Needlepoint:

Needlepoint is both fun and rewarding. It allows you to stitch beautiful designs on canvas. Knowing the basics and having the right tools is key before you start.

Beginners Needlepoint Kits:

These are the most loved online needlepoint shops offering the best needlepoint kits for beginners – including everything you need to get started.

Obviously starting your needlepoint journey is so exciting! We will look at some top needlepoint kits for beginners. These kits come with easy patterns and designs that are perfect for those starting out.


This beginner needlepoint kit has everything you need to get started and is perfect for blue and white lovers. The kit includes a 13 mesh easy-to-follow key fob starter canvas, a pair of sewing scissors, a needle, and also comes in a gorgeous custom project bag. Greystone Needlepoint has so many great projects to graduate to once you master the needlepoint basics.


Penny Linn has the most darling assortment of canvases – including a section of beginner friendly options. This needlepoint starter kit bundle includes everything you need and even a guide on how to start needlepointing. This would make a wonderful gift for the new needlepointer in your life.


If you’re near the Lycette store in Palm Beach or Newport – pick up their essentials beginner kit or snag it on their website. It also includes a guide on how to do the continental stitch – the basic stitch that’s the foundation of most needlepoint canvases.


OnPointBySophie is a great Etsy Shop offering the cutest canvases – including this kit perfect for beginners. These chinoiserie coasters are a great starter needlepoint project and obviously perfect for the grandmillennial style lover.


Morgan Julia Designs is one of the best online needlepoint shops – this starter kit has all of the needlepoint essentials you need like embroidery scissors and a seam ripper, while still allowing you to choose your own beginner friendly canvas.


A quick and easy 4×4 lemon design is perfect for learning how to stitch on 18 mesh canvases. It’s also an affordable needlepoint option that comes with the fibers and needles needed to stitch this canvas.


A great way to get started with needlepointing is still by learning embroidery and how to cross stitch. This kit from Amazon is very affordable and a great way to dip your toe into becoming a full blown needlepointer. The hyacinth pattern is so grandmillennial chic – any coastal grandmother would adore this one.

Understanding Needlepoint Basics

Explaining needlepoint for beginners here – needlepoint very simply involves filling canvas with threads using simple stitches.

The continental stitch is the most common stitch – making a diagonal pattern and then you can graduate onto a brick stitch or basketweave stitch.

Obviously learning the basic stitches is crucial for your first project – this YouTube video is a great how to needlepoint tutorial to get you started and has the clearest needlepoint instructions for beginners.

Where to buy beginner needlepoint canvases

Penny Linn Designs, Greystone Needlepoint, Morgan Julia Designs, Alice Peterson Company, and all have collections with curated canvases and needlepointing accessories specific for beginners.

Also, consider visiting your local needlepoint shop or craft store and search for 13 mesh canvases as they are easier and quicker to stitch.

And generally the employees at your local shops will be a wealth of knowledge on how to get started needlepointing – they’re usually also avid stitchers!

This post was all about beginners needlepoint kits and how to get started needlepointing.

Starting your needlepoint journey is really so exciting and it can become quite the hobby! You’ll begin to crave this screen-free activity.

Easy needlepoint kits are key and following some important tips. Before you know it, you’ll be making stunning creations like stockings for the whole family (which is my personal goal).

best needlepoint kits for beginners

Joining a local needlepoint group or stitch club can also be great as you get started.

Obviously we know that needlepoint is more than a preppy hobby. It lets you be creative and make something special.

I know you’ll love it as much as I do – especially if you start out with everything you need by using a beginners needlepoint kit.


What is the best way for a beginner to start with needlepoint?

Starting with a beginner-friendly needlepoint kit is the best approach. These learn to needlepoint kits have everything you need, including pre-sorted threads/fibers and a printed canvas. This way, you can learn without feeling too overwhelmed.

What essential tools do I need for needlepoint as a beginner?

As a beginner, you’ll need tools like a needles, fibers, and sharp embroidery scissors. Also, don’t forget a needle minder or magnetic case to keep your needles safe. A needlepoint frame or stretcher bars will also help make the process smoother.

How do I choose the right canvas and threads for my first needlepoint project?

For your first project, choose a canvas with a lower mesh count (10-14 mesh). A size 13 mesh is easier to complete as the holes are further apart the lower the mesh number is. An 18 mesh typically has more intricate detailing and is more difficult than a 13 mesh. When picking threads, go for beginner needlepoint kits as everything will be included.

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