How to Capture The Nancy Meyers Aesthetic

​Unlocking the Nancy Meyers aesthetic for a classic coastal style lover is the ultimate goal.

Not only is Nancy Meyers a renowned American film director, producer, and screenwriter, but she is also the ultimate style icon for lovers of the effortless classic coastal look.

Her films are known for their aesthetic value, featuring elegant homes with carefully curated spaces that are warm, layered, and simply magical.

This post is all about unlocking the Nancy Meyers aesthetic by embracing all things coastal and classic style.

nancy meyers aesthetic

By dissecting the Nancy Meyers aesthetic, we can unlock the charm in our own lives and create spaces that emulate that Nancy movie magic.

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What is the Nancy Meyers Aesthetic?

Meyers’ work is often praised for its “aesthetic”, which refers to the overall look and feel of her films. The Nancy Meyers Aesthetic is a crisp, classic, and coastal style that permeates both interior design and fashion.

This visually captivating aesthetic has become one of the most popular design trends because the overall vibe is the ultimate trifecta of elegance, warmth, and comfort. And obviously effortlessly chic.

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The overall look is both inspirational and aspirational and rooted in quiet luxury.

If you daydream about the homes in The Holiday, It’s Complicated, Father of the Bride, and the Parent Trap – you are a Nancy Meyers aesthetic lover.

What is Nancy Meyers Style?

Nancy Meyers style is all about classic elegance, layered textures, a neutral color palette, and a certain level of sophistication. The homes in Meyers films are always beautifully decorated and offer a great mix of traditional and contemporary elements.

It is the foundation of the coastal grandmother aesthetic and an ode to coastal grandmillennial decor.

Think of Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give where she’s always in variations of neutral colored cashmere and linen. Her home is filled with natural light, stacks of colorful books, and fresh flowers with lush landscaping.

Nancy Meyers Decorating Ideas

If you’re a fan of Nancy Meyers and her work, you’re likely wondering how you can capture her signature style in your own home. And you’re probably daydreaming about Cameron Diaz’s stay in the English cottage house in Surrey.

The interior design featured in Nancy’s romantic comedy movies is a character in its own right.

Meyers often starts with a white or cream palette and then adds in accent colors. This helps to create a sense of light and space, which is essential for achieving the Meyers aesthetic.

As you build out your space and invest in statement pieces – start with a neutral base.

Have your own Nancy Meyers main character energy with these effortlessly elegant finds.


This natural brown rattan console table adds texture and dimension to the space. It’s charming and has the slightest touch of boho, but can be easily placed in a traditional space to create a lived-in look.


Cozy, comfortable furniture is essential as the base of the Nancy Meyers aesthetic. This slipper chair is the perfect neutral chair and its clean lines and textured fabric are very Nancy.


This tufted ottoman table is designed by Martha Stewart who arguably is another coastal grandmother style icon. The mix of natural wood and a coastal blue fabric is perfection.


This lattice rug is the ideal base for any Nancy inspired room. The perfect color palette is blue and white for this luxurious hand-hooked French country wool rug.


Quirky statement pieces that have natural elements are essential for the Nancy Meyers aesthetic. This decorative white dipped blanket ladder is whimsical.


Pretty sure this classic arm chair is straight out of a Nancy Meyers film. It’s so charming with this neutral textured stripe fabric and natural walnut stained wood legs. It is perfect and a statement piece for your Nancy inspired living room.


This two pack of embroidered ruffle trim pillows are the perfect mix of vintage and nostalgia – two characteristics spotlighted in Nancy Meyers interior design. Meyers isn’t afraid to use accent colors in her spaces. Pops of soft colors in accents are perfect – pale yellows, blues, and greens are all good choices.


Within the Nancy style, all essential pieces exist, but what makes it feel special are all of the extra charming details. This white classic console table is the perfect example because it’s a piece every room needs, but has elevated sophisticated details with the curved legs and scalloped details.


Coastal wall art is essential for the Nancy Meyers style. This framed coastal landscape has beautiful muted colors and looks straight out of the living room in Something’s Gotta Give.


This skirted swivel chair would be in a living room or bedroom on a Meyers film set. The classic traditional fabric and skirted detail make it a timeless furniture piece you’d enjoy for years.


This scalloped bedding the base of a cozy luxury bed – it’s 100% cotton and the scalloped detail is classic and has that coastal grandmother vibe that the majority of Meyers’ leading ladies have. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary and add in plush fabrics and cozy bedding.


Statement sconces add a layer of opulence and warm lighting to any space. Quintessentially Nancy, these rattan wrapped sconces would definitely be featured in a bedroom, dining room, or living room. While natural light is key, classic coastal-inspired lighting finds add depth to the space.


This botanical wall art set has that Nancy approved vintage feel that looks inherited. The perfect mix of traditional decor with natural elements.


This tray top nightstand looks designer and is another charming piece to build upon and use in a Nancy Meyers inspired bedroom. Nancy Meyers movie bedrooms are always tranquil and serene, the perfect place to relax at the end of the day. To get this look, start with a calming color palette and unique pieces.


This hyacinth wicker storage trunk is quintessential Nancy Meyers aesthetic. Hyacinth or rattan and wicker are neutral, natural elements that are perfect to use in decor.


This classic grandmillennial ginger jar lamp is darling. The gold touches and jar base make it seem vintage, thrifted, or inherited.


The lover of this aesthetic isn’t afraid of wallpaper and this cornflower blue cottagecore wallpaper is simply perfect. The print feels vintage and Americana. Love this perfect shabby chic grandmillennial print.


This scalloped jute rug has all of the elements that need to be in the Nancy Meyers aesthetic – charming details, natural elements, and a neutral palette.

Tips to Nail the Meyers Style

So, if you’re looking to achieve the perfect aesthetic balance in your home, be sure to take a page from Nancy Meyers’ book (or movies) and incorporate some of her tips and tricks into your own space.

The spaces in Meyers films are cozy, comfortable, layered, and beyond chic. Making your space comfortable and cozy doesn’t have to be difficult.

With a little bit of planning, thoughtful curation, and some creativity, you can easily transform any room into a warm and inviting space.

Nancy Meyers Interiors Inspiration

Make use of textures. Textures add visual interest and can also help to create a cozier feel. Think about using plush fabrics, patterned rugs, and detailed decor. Incorporating different textures into your space will add interest and depth.

Add some personal touches. Your space should reflect your personality and taste and have a point of view. Incorporate items that make you happy and that you love to look at.

Make your kitchen the center of attention. The kitchen is the hub of activity in many of Nancy Meyers’ films. Imagine Meryl Streep with her amazing kitchen and bakery in “It’s Complicated” – it’s dreamy.

Meyers curates an eclectic style, reminiscent of a lifetime filled with darling vintage-inspired finds. The result is always chic and stylish.

This post was all about the Nancy Meyers aesthetic.

Thank you for also adoring Nancy Meyers movies and her aesthetic as much as I do. I hope you found something you love and learned a few tips for creating the Nancy Meyers aesthetic in your own home.

water scene - nancy meyers aesthetic

With her signature style, Meyers has created some of the most beautiful and iconic interiors in film history. From The Holiday to Something’s Gotta Give, her interiors are the perfect example of how to achieve an aesthetic balance that is both stylish and inviting.

Remember to start with a neutral base, add in some light-reflecting, pale colors, and don’t be afraid to mix and match to curate a lived-in and layered space.

Her interiors not only serve as a backdrop to the unfolding stories in her classic rom coms, but also as a masterclass in capturing the essence of a character’s lifestyle through design.

With these tips and classic finds, you’ll create a space that looks straight out of a Meyers film.

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