Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic and Grandpa Core is Here to Stay

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic is taking over.

You heard the news here – the beloved coastal grandmother is finally introducing us to her husband, the eclectic grandpa. 

2024 is indeed giving eclectic grandpa and will be about all things “grandpa core” as predicted by Pinterest Predict’s latest trend report

Pinterest has recognized grandpa core as one of the top trend predictions, with a surge in search terms related to this aesthetic.

eclectic grandpa aesthetic

This post is all about the eclectic grandpa aesthetic.

This fashion trend is projected to elevate the past trends of coastal grandmother and grandpa chic, taking a slightly more vibrant and bold approach to styling.

As we search for our core aesthetic, let’s dig into this new viral fashion trend. 

Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic and Grandpa Core

What is the eclectic grandpa fashion trend?

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic is all about expressive fashion and expertly curated eccentric accessories with an easy, wearable chic retro streetwear vibe. 

eclectic grandpa fashion

This unique style draws inspiration from the fashion sensibilities of grandfathers – a chic and cozy aesthetic.

From funky sweater vests to colorful cardigans and classic loafers, the eclectic grandpa trend warmly embraces vintage-inspired elements.

Eclectic Grandpa vs. Coastal Grandmother

While the coastal grandmother aesthetic has a vintage elegant feel with a neutral color palette, the eclectic grandpa style is more retro, modern, and has an overall vibrant and quirky vibe.

If our coastal grandmother icon is Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, then our eclectic grandpa style icon is likely Mister Rogers.

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The Rise of Grandpa Core and the Eclectic Grandpa Trend

“Grandpa Core” has been slowly trending – especially in interior design, but the reimagined eclectic grandpa aesthetic is the new overall vibe that is quirky and lovable. Just like the image of a stereotypical grandpa. 

The appeal of the eclectic grandpa aesthetic lies in its gender-neutral nature and state of timelessness.

The rear end of a classic blue car

It is accessible for everyone to embrace this cozy and chic style. You could also make it preppy, classic, or 70s, based on what type of eclectic grandpa type you’re inspired by.

Sometimes confused and described as electric grandpa instead of eclectic grandpa – it’s important to note that the emphasis should be on “eclectic” even though it is indeed electric and vibrant.

Whether you’re revamping your wardrobe to find your core aesthetic or looking for unique pieces to incorporate, the eclectic grandpa trend offers endless opportunities for self-expression.

Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic Finds

Embracing vintage-inspired pieces is key to incorporating this trend into your wardrobe. Think sweater vests, cardigans, and loafers your stereotypical grandfather might wear.

These eclectic grandpa ideas will help you incorporate this new aesthetic into your wardrobe.


A sweater vest is an eclectic grandpa wardrobe must have. As one of the most classic pieces, a cozy knit vest is a great buildable piece for your wardrobe. Layers are key for this style.


The eclectic grandpa trend offers a modern reimagining of well-loved vintage fashion. Loafers are the grandpa shoe of choice besides sneakers or tennis shoes. These Franco Sarto loafers are classic and chic.

No products found.


Pairing a chic vintage inspired cardigan with a contemporary graphic tee and distressed jeans is an ode to the streetwear pillar of the eclectic grandpa aesthetic.


A modern take on the classic grandfather watch. This gold link watch is contemporary and reimagined.


To achieve the eclectic grandpa aesthetic, don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns, colors, and textures. Combining bold stripes with floral prints or pairing a vintage cardigan with patterned trousers is quintessential eclectic grandpa.


A staple for any grandpa is an old worn-in, oversized college or university sweatshirt. This New York sweatshirt is classic and perfect.


If you want to go all in on this aesthetic, then grab a few pairs of athletic socks. Another great layering piece that’s essential to pull off the eclectic grandpa look.


The juxtaposition of a fresh white pair of grandpa sneakers with a tailored blazer would be very eclectic grandpa approved.


An oxford button down shirt is likely the base layer of this aesthetic. It’s crisp and versatile. Invest in one that will last for decades and don’t be afraid of bold prints, colors, and patterns.


A must for any outfit, these retro inspired sunglasses are a modern twist on what a cool grandpa would wear.


If you were to search the trending hashtag #eclecticgrandpa, you’d likely find a sea of slouchy sweaters as it’s definitely in the capsule wardrobe of the eclectic grandpa aesthetic. Think oversized, textured sweaters that you’d borrow from Mister Rogers.


These boxer shorts will definitely be embraced by the Gen Z and Millennial lovers of this emerging aesthetic.

Eclectic Grandpa Style: Cozy Chic Aesthetic

The eclectic grandpa style is taking over because it’s comfortable, cozy, and nostalgic while somehow still being beyond classic and chic. 

Trends come and go, but this one has indeed been around forever because it’s something your grandpa would wear. However, we are going to be seeing it emerge as the latest trend with Gen Z as it’s been gaining popularity on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

A Stylish Man Leaning on a Metal Railing

The Classic Grandad Style

Because this look has British influence and roots in what someone might wear to university or on a college campus, the archetype of the eclectic grandpa is arguably one of a beloved British grandad.

Think of the grandfather in Nancy Meyers’ Parent Trap – he was always in tailored blazer or wearing a sweater vest with quirky touches.

Embracing the Timeless Charm of the Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic

The eclectic grandpa trend has a timeless charm that resonates with individuals looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in both fashion and home decor. This trend captures the essence of nostalgia and allows for self-expression and personal style.

Whether you’re incorporating the eclectic grandpa aesthetic into your wardrobe or interior design, you can easily mix thrifted pieces with new finds.

Elderly Man Standing on the Street - eclectic grandpa fashion

Grandpacore for Fashion and Home Decor

The eclectic grandpa trend, whether in fashion or home decor, is characterized by various unique and expressive elements. It takes inspiration from vintage fashion and incorporates bold and eccentric elements.

From vintage-inspired fashion pieces to bold and vibrant home decor elements, the eclectic grandpa trend allows you to create a look that effortlessly reflects your individuality. It’s intentionally unintentional style that is all things effortless.

The enduring appeal of the eclectic grandpa is that it’s a chic and comfortable style that will stand the test of time. Because grandpas will continue to dress this way.

This post was all about the eclectic grandpa aesthetic.

Expect to see the eclectic grandpa trend taking over this year as brands will undoubtedly incorporate this aesthetic into upcoming collections.

It’s a cozy aesthetic that resonates with anyone because of it’s classic style and familiarity. This look is highly curated, yet refined and gender-neutral as any gender and any age can easily achieve the look.

The charm of this trend lies in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia while feeling fresh and relevant.

eclectic grandpa style


What is the eclectic grandpa aesthetic?

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic, also known as grandpa core, is a fashion trend inspired by the fashion sensibilities of grandfathers. It features elements such as funky sweater vests, colorful cardigans, and vintage loafers.

Is the eclectic grandpa trend only limited to fashion?

No, the eclectic grandpa trend evolved from grandpa core or “grandpacore” mainly used in interior design.

What are some key characteristics of the eclectic grandpa trend?

The eclectic grandpa trend combines vintage fashion with bold, bright, and eccentric elements. Think sweater vests, colorful slouchy cardigans, vintage loafers or white sneakers, mismatched patterns and prints. All with a modern yet retro streetwear vibe.

How can I incorporate the eclectic grandpa trend in my fashion style?

Embrace the eclectic grandpa aesthetic by wearing vintage-inspired pieces such as sweater vests, cardigans, and loafers. Mixing and matching textures, prints, patterns, colors, and layers is key.

How can I bring the eclectic grandpa trend into my home decor?

Infuse the eclectic grandpa aesthetic into interiors by pulling from grandpacore interior design principles. Adding bold and colorful elements such as patterned furniture, unique vintage-feel lighting, and layered accessories with a lot of texture.

What is the modern take on vintage with the eclectic grandpa trend?

It’s the intentional juxtaposition of the old and new. The modern take on vintage with the eclectic grandpa trend involves contrasting patterns, colors, and entangling nostalgic decor with contemporary design. Consider thrifting furniture or using Facebook Marketplace for eclectic grandpa furniture.

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