33 Coastal Hamptons Style Kitchen Ideas

With its blend of luxury elegance and casual charm, the coastal Hamptons style kitchen has become increasingly popular.

If you’re someone who dreams of bringing the relaxed, breezy vibes of the Hamptons into your home, then you’ll love this ultimate guide to the Hamptons style aesthetic in kitchens.

coastal hamptons style kitchen

This post is all about Coastal Hamptons Style Kitchens

As a coastal style designer, I’ll share the key elements and essential features that define this timeless aesthetic for the Hamptons home style.

Whether you’re updating a space, renovating, or building from a blank slate, I promise to provide valuable tips and coastal Hamptons style kitchen ideas to help you transform your kitchen with the coastal vibes straight out of a Something’s Gotta Give.

Embracing Coastal Hamptons Style

If you dream of the spaces in Nancy Meyers movies, then you likely already love the coastal Hamptons style. This trend is on the rise as we all gravitate more toward clean, traditional, effortless decor.

What is the difference between Hamptons and coastal style?

The styles are extremely similar with nods to neutral color palettes and airy, simplistic decor. The Hamptons style refers to the aesthetic that is inspired by the Hamptons – the eastern end of Long Island that is home to elegant coastal towns that are the top summer destinations for New Yorkers. The Hamptons style is very coastal by nature, but coastal style doesn’t necessarily have to be Hamptons style.

Designing a Coastal Hamptons Style Kitchen

One of my favorite projects has been bringing this dream coastal home to life, as my client sought the perfect coastal Hamptons style kitchen when building a new home.

coastal hamptons style kitchen

How we designed a Hamptons style kitchen on the coast

I loved helping my client with this project and together, we embarked on a journey fueled by coffee and a shared passion for creating something extraordinary, yet effortlessly classic.

Our first order of business was a shared Pinterest board, where we immersed ourselves and studied coastal Hamptons style kitchen layout options and color palettes. Whites, creams, blues, and pale grays along with natural textures stood out.

coastal hamptons style kitchen

We loved pinning scenes of homes that New York City natives flock to during the summer. We saved anything that inspired us and then even printed out some of our favorites for the design board.

For personal touches, we scoured local thrift stores over the course of a year for hidden gems—wooden frames and vintage dishes—to bring vintage coastal charm into the newly built out space.

hamptons style pantry

Our quest for the ideal coastal elements led us to the Serena and Lily showroom, where textures and hues inspired us. Shaker-style cabinets, nautical lighting fixtures, and woven accents became the foundation of the kitchen and also the pantry.

serena and lily showroom

Back at the construction site, the vision started taking shape for everyone’s favorite room. Open shelving and glass-front cabinets showcased their gorgeous collection of china.

To infuse a touch of warmth and a nod to practicality, we decided to go with butcher block counters—which is a great kitchen wood and a choice that brought character and functionality to their coastal Hamptons style kitchen.

coastal hamptons style kitchen oval window

The finishing touch—a farmhouse sink—stood as a centerpiece of the stunning Calacatta gold marble kitchen island, embodying the heart of this Coastal Hamptons Style kitchen.

The blend of wooden warmth, marble subway tile tones, and the timeless allure of Coastal Hamptons Style reflected the coastal landscapes that ignited this style in this kitchen design.

12 Tips for Achieving the Coastal Hamptons Style


Begin by browsing Pinterest or exploring Instagram hashtags dedicated to Coastal Hamptons Style kitchens. Or go all out and add it all to a large design board. Extract ideas and design elements that resonate with your vision, ensuring a curated and authentic approach to your kitchen project.


Consider incorporating classic marble or quartz surfaces for countertops. These materials not only offer a timeless aesthetic but also bring durability and ease of maintenance.


It’s important to not over accessorize and keep the space with minimal decor, only using pieces that add to the overall texture of the aesthetic – leaving it open and airy. Limiting accessories also helps to achieve a more modern coastal Hamptons style kitchen.


Illuminate your kitchen with carefully chosen pendant lights. Opt for designs that exude a coastal vibe and complement the overall aesthetic of your Hampton-style kitchen, adding both functionality and style to the space.


A creamy white shiplap or crisp white bead board will add a layered element and visual interest to the space. Both are great options for coastal Hamptons style kitchen walls. Also consider shaker style cabinets or even a bead board backsplash for additional hints of coastal style.


Introduce a mix of textures to create visual interest. Combine materials like wood, rattan, and hyacinth woven baskets to add warmth and a tactile dimension to your kitchen space.


Pay attention to details like hardware – which in my opinion is one of the most important elements to nail the Hamptons style in your kitchen. Opt for coordinated handles and knobs that complement the overall design. Both polished and unpolished brass knobs are my go-to. Consider using the same hardware in a nearby bathroom as well for a cohesive look.


Keep your window treatments simple and light. Opt for airy options like white linen curtains or bamboo blinds to allow the coastal light to fill your kitchen, creating an open and breezy atmosphere.


Maintain a neutral color palette dominated by whites, creams, and soft grays. This timeless scheme creates a fresh and relaxed ambiance characteristic of coastal Hamptons style. It serves as the perfect backdrop for the coastal elements you incorporate.


Introduce a carefully chosen accent color to break up the neutral palette. Consider a coastal-inspired shade like navy or light blue, pale green, or sandy beige. Infusing this accent into accessories, barstools, or even painting a kitchen island adds depth and character to your space.


Adorn your kitchen walls with coastal artwork. Select pieces that resonate with the seaside theme, such as beach scenes, sailboats, or subtle seascapes. Artwork not only adds a personal touch but also reinforces the coastal style while adding a pop of color.


Integrate glass decor elements to enhance the light and airy feel. Glass pendant lighting, glass-fronted cabinets, or glass vases with beachcomber finds contribute to the overall sophistication and openness of a Hamptons style kitchen.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Decor

These are some of my favorite finds for a Hamptons kitchen design if you’re wondering how to style a kitchen.


Gold Greek salt and pepper mills are so elegant in a Hamptons coastal style kitchen. Display these behind the oven range or on the island – functional and equally as beautiful.


These Serena & Lily Riviera Dining Chairs are the most beloved kitchen table chairs for Hamptons style homes. The sun-washed rattan adds additional texture to the space in a timeless, comforting way – while still being very elegant like traditional French bistro chairs.


I have this knife block in my kitchen and it is a showstopper – the wooden block and cream and gold details are perfect for any coastal style kitchen. Such a great Amazon kitchen find perfect for the Hampton design style.


A Serena & Lily staple design – these Balboa barstools are the quintessential coastal kitchen barstool. Perfectly pair these with a marble island and they will be the focal point of your Hampton style kitchen. They also come in counter height and as a side chair.


For a more modern coastal Hamptons style kitchen, these Amazon ceramic pendant lights have a pleated effect and would add an elevated touch above a kitchen island or over a wet bar.

Elements of Coastal Hamptons Style Kitchens

Use of an airy and light color palette

Elevate your kitchen with an airy and light color palette, featuring whites, creams, blues, and pale grays. Create a fresh and relaxed coastal atmosphere that defines the essence of a Hamptons-style kitchen.

Incorporating Natural Materials

Infuse the charm of the coast into your space with natural materials like a dark wood floor, rattan accents, and wicker furniture. These elements not only add warmth but also bring in the textures synonymous with the coastal Hamptons aesthetic.

Open shelving and glass-front cabinets

Maximize the beauty of your kitchenware by opting for open shelving and glass-front cabinets. Practical and visually appealing, these choices contribute to a sense of spaciousness, a hallmark of coastal Hamptons kitchen.

Shaker-style cabinetry

Shaker style is the perfect choice for coastal Hamptons style kitchen cabinets.

Their clean lines and unadorned design seamlessly blend with the classic aesthetic, allowing them to stand the test of time.

I love the subtle texture these cabinets bring – a touch that not only adds visual interest but also enhances the overall warmth and character of the kitchen space.

Farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse sinks are a must-have for that classic Coastal Hamptons look. When picking one, decide between fireclay or stainless steel based on what suits your style and how you use your kitchen.

Subway tile backsplash

Subway tiles contribute to the coastal aesthetic by offering a clean and straightforward design. Optimal colors and patterns selection aligns with the understated yet sophisticated coastal Hamptons style in an ocean inspired kitchen.

Rattan barstools or chairs

Rattan furniture, such as barstools or chairs, is a suitable choice to integrate comfort with the laid-back sophistication characteristic of a Hamptons-style kitchen.

I have these same chairs in my own kitchen and love the texture they add.

Nautical-inspired lighting fixtures

Nautical-inspired pendant or chandeliers provide both functionality and a refined look, seamlessly aligning with the coastal aesthetic.

Opt for statement pendant lights over the island that add additional depth and contrast to draw the eye upward.

Indoor plants and greenery

Incorporating greenery into your kitchen introduces a natural element. Opt for low-maintenance plants conducive to thriving with coastal style kitchens. Even consider adding small decor that could be potted fresh herbs to cook with.

This post was all about coastal Hamptons style kitchens.

Crafting your Coastal Hamptons Style kitchen involves strategic choices for a timeless and breezy aesthetic.

Opt for a neutral palette dominated by whites, creams, and soft grays, providing a fresh and relaxed ambiance.

Keep your window treatments simple with light options like white linen curtains or bamboo blinds to allow abundant natural light.

Introduce a carefully chosen accent color, perhaps a soothing light blue or seafoam green, to add depth and character.

By following these strategic tips, your kitchen can effortlessly embody the coastal Hamptons style, creating a space that feels like a serene seaside retreat right within your home – even if you don’t like near the coast.

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