You Need a Block Print Dress: The Grandmillennial Staple

If grandmillennials had a uniform, it would hands down be a block print dress. These handmade, colorful, and unique printed dresses are a grandmillennial style essential – helping you look pulled together for any occasion.

blue block print dresses made into a pattern

With daisy or floral patterns, soft colors and bold hues – each printed dress is a unique statement and feels vintage yet still fresh.

Whether you’re wearing it out to dinner, to the beach, or a quick trip to the farmer’s market – they can easily be dressed up or down any season. They’re light, breezy, and effortless.

The comeback of block printed styles fits perfectly with the grandmillennial love of blending the old with the new.

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What is Block Print?

Block printing is the process of stamping textiles by hand and is one of the oldest forms of textile printing. A block print is the result of a fabric having been block printed – the process of hand-stamping usually cotton fabrics with ink or dye.

Now mostly created out of Jaipur, India – it is one of the oldest forms of textile printing. Block prints are most widely used on dresses, tablecloths, and pillows and are a pillar of grandmillennial style.

What is a block print dress?

A block print dress is made from fabric printed with traditional woodblock methods. This includes an artisan carving a design into a wood piece, then dye or ink is added to the design, and the pattern is carefully stamped directly onto the fabric. The result is a handmade dress bursting with uniqueness perfectly aligned with the grandmillennial aesthetic.

blue and white block print dress

Where to buy block print dresses:

You can buy block print dresses from independent brands like Farm Rio, Oliphant, Ophelia & Indigo, and SZ Blockprints.

You also can find block print dress options on Amazon and Etsy. These are usually shipped directly from Jaipur, India – which is famous for their handmade and colorful block printed fabrics.

Lastly, larger retailers like Anthropologie, Tuckernuck, Free People, and Sundance regularly feature block print dresses in their assortment for you to shop.

Grandmillennial Block Print Dresses


Grandmillennials dream of Sue Sartor‘s curation of block print dresses, kaftans, and flouncy dresses. Also – each line is bursting with color and you’re able to shop by fabric.


A New York based, women-founded brand, Ophelia & Indigo set out to design the perfect throw on and go dress. Undoubtedly, their line helps you look instantly pulled together while helping you brave the heat of hot summers in gorgeous block print fabrics. They also have darling matching dresses for your mini so shop any size.


Inspired by a passion for color and travel – Oliphant is focused on the highest quality. Made by artisans worldwide, a cotton block print dress from Oliphant can be worn day to night and is sure to be eye-catching. Producing their designs in small batches especially ensures that these extremely unique pieces will be loved for a lifetime.


Especially since Tuckernuck is the go-to for all things high-quality, classic style – block print dresses are no exception. They carry so many grandmillennial style brands that have gorgeous hand block printed dresses like SZ Blockprints.


Madison Matthews is a Charleston-based brand sharing artisan-crafted small batch designs featuring stunning block print fabrics not only on dresses. So if you’re searching for block print dresses Charleston local, then look no further. Their collections are classic and elevated with a hint of whimsy. They love supporting female-led businesses and always are creating new block print designs.


Specifically focused on supporting the artist community, Sundance Catalog has become a national brand frequently adding new block print dresses to their collections. Always featuring bold colors like blue and pink, they carry some of our favorite block print designers like Oliphant. This midi block print dress is a quintessential example.


Farm Rio‘s overall designs are extremely grandmillennial. Because they are celebrated for their bold use of color, texture, and unique scalloped stitching, be sure to explore this brand. While they have floral, tropical fabrics – their collections frequently feature block prints.


Chiefly known for their expertly curated assortments where boho meets classic, consider exploring Anthropologie for finds like this midi block print dress. Popping into a store, you’re sure to find some sort of block print – whether it be in their home section or on a dress.


Generally known for incredibly chic swimwear, Hermoza also has resort wear featuring bold, colorful block print dresses. This block print dress design is absolute grandmillennial flair perfection. So shop their sale and you’ll find something you’ll love.


Obviously the go-to online marketplace for artists and creators, Etsy is the perfect place to shop for blockprint dresses. Usually shipping directly from Jaipur, their listings are both affordable and incredibly intricate.

Amazon Block Print Dresses

These dresses feature unique touches like puff sleeves, bow straps, and tassel drawstrings They also bring a touch of vintage and whimsy at an affordable price from Amazon. You can easily snag a Jaipur block print dress.

Obviously grandmillennials love block print dresses. They mix old-time charm with an updated, modern aesthetic.

Of course these dresses stand out with their bright colors, floral designs, and timeless artisanal patterns. Beyond unique, they shine with bright colors, flowery prints, and a vintage feel.

These qualities match the grandmillennial style of loving patterns, colors, and classic florals.

This post was all about why you need a block print dress and where to buy one.

Overall, if you’re a lover of all things grandmillennial fashion, block print dresses are a key item. They highlight the mix of old-time charm and new style.

If you love more popular grandmillennial style brands like Hill House Home and Laura Ashley, then you’re sure to love these block print dresses.

For more grandmillennial style finds, also visit my grandmillennial Amazon storefront or LTK shop – I even include some block print clothes – not only dresses.

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