11 Amazon Coastal Home Decor Finds That Designers Love

Amazon coastal home decor is my absolute favorite – there are so many classic finds that look more expensive than they actually are. Coastal home decor is timeless and the neutral color palette creates such a soothing ambiance.

And as I always say – blue counts as a neutral.

While I love popping into HomeGoods or Marshalls for coastal decor accessories, Amazon is a wonderful place to buy both coastal decor and coastal furniture – and interior designers are constantly sourcing from Amazon.

amazon coastal home decor
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This post is all about Amazon coastal home decor.

Creating a coastal theme in your home doesn’t have to be expensive (and it shouldn’t be). Whether you are looking for a laid-back seashore vibe, a classic nautical feel, or a more elegant traditional look, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need on Amazon. If I had to decorate a beach house, these finds would definitely be purchased as soon as possible.


Lighting is crucial to setting the mood in any room, and coastal lighting can be gold, rattan, or nautical. Consider table lamps or pendant lights that feature woven rattan or jute. These options will not only create a beachy vibe but will also create a cozy and inviting ambiance. This bell pendant feels extremely designer.


One of the easiest ways to add a coastal feel to your space is through decorative pillows. I love this embroidered print and the blue and white color palette of this pillow. Visit this collection in my Amazon storefront for more coastal pillow options.


This neutral wood and woven water hyacinth stool is a great piece to use in any coastal room – whether at a vanity, as extra seating in a living room, or in a coastal bedroom. The texture is very coastal yet traditional and elegant.


Scallops are perfect to add some grandmillennial charm to your coastal space. These empire lamp shades from Amazon have such character and are classically chic.


This coastal stool comes in both bar height and counter height. It would definitely add dimension and charm to a coastal kitchen. Interior designers would love how high-end this rattan stool is.


The pattern on this coastal cutting board is European inspired and also comes in two sizes. Display this behind a cooktop range for visual interest in an airy coastal kitchen.


These Mud Pie scalloped nesting trays are perfect coastal decorating accessories especially to decorate a coffee table or to display coastal decorative accessories on a kitchen island. Designers would use these to add additional layers and interest into a coastal space – while still maintaining a neutral aesthetic.


When designers buy coastal decor, they look for quirky unique coastal decor items that let the coastal vibe permeate every piece – items both big and small. These gingham mugs are a perfect example of that decorating tip.


Pops of blue and white elegant coastal decor, like these chinoiserie patterned faux boxes, are frequently used by designers who are creating coastal spaces. Small decorative accents can instantly transform your space into a coastal retreat. This budget-friendly find would also be perfect coastal mantel decor.


Blue, white, and green make up the ideal coastal color palette and these block print placemats are the perfect coastal pattern. Designers love incorporating block print fabrics to bring in an airy coastal flair to coastal spaces.


These sky blue fabric swivel chairs are the most stunning coastal blue. These are an affordable find that designers use as accent chairs in coastal living room designs or bedrooms.

This post was all about Amazon coastal home decor.

For coastal themed decor and coastal decoration finds – feel free to explore my Amazon storefront for curated Amazon coastal decor.

Explore this coastal grandmillennial design for more coastal inspired decor and coastal home decor ideas if you are interested in the coastal grandmother aesthetic.

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